Walking in the neighbourhood of La Calestienne
The Great Route path 12, connecting Brussels with Paris, crosses the area and passes from north to south at Dourbes, Fagnolle, Olloy-surViroin, Oignies-en-Thiérache and the Belgian-French borderline.

The GR 125 makes a tour of the Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse region and frequents Frasnes, Nismes, Olloy, Vierves, Treignes and Mazée.

On a surface of 120 square kilometers of Viroinval, including the villages of Nismes, Olloy-sur-Viroin, Vierves-sur-Viroin, Treignes, Mazée, Oignies-en-Thiérache and Le Mesnil, there are signposted walking trails, good for more than threehundred kilometers walking plaisure.  
Walking maps with indication of these trails on a scale of 1/25.000 are available at "La Calestienne". If you want this map to be sent home, you can send us 10 € on our bancaccount mentionned here under, indicating "walking map Viroinval". You can buy descriptions of the GR-routes in the GR-shops.  Look on their site for the GR&LF-shop and GR 12 "Paris-Brussels" and GR 125 "Tour de l'Entre-Sambre-et-Meuse".


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